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What Our Customers are Saying

“Our company has had many nightmares over direct mail in the past. Bill & Invigorate Media has made a big difference in how easy it can really be done. Great customer service, and a wonderful staff.

—Jay Johnson
Advertising/Purchasing/ Sales at CENTRAL TV, Inc.

Added July 11, 2017

The sale was a great success! The letter format and raffle we are doing is working. We did 27% more this year than last year, which was also a great sale.

Again thanks!

—Mark Alexander
Alexander & Rays

Added June 29, 2017

Thanks Doug. Always great working with you guys!

—Ronald Rodenbaugh
Rodenbaugh’s Flooring and Appliances

Added February 3, 2017

Looks great, Doug. I expect it will be our biggest May Is Maytag Month in years! Thanks for all you do!!!

—John Lang
Account Executive – Whirlpool Corporation

Added April 3, 2015

Just a huge thanks to your whole crew for the superb job on our direct mailer for Whirlpool in January. It drove in some business, and Steve processed the HUB credit seamlessly, so took little effort on my part…other than making the sales!

I truly appreciate you being willing to work with someone our size; have very limited resources, but you always treat me like I was “one of the big guys”!

Thanks again. Look forward to using you again, as soon as I can accrue some more co-op!

—Betsy Ajeman, Appliance Mart, Willcox, AZ

Added February 20, 2015

Incredible response on the big Legal Limit Postcard! I’m ready to come stand by your booth at the next Nationwide show & tell members how GREAT you guys are!!

—Dan Albers, Albers Appliance, Hollywood, FL

—Dan Albers

Added November 21, 2014

We have had exceptional sales when using Invigorate Media! I highly recommend them for your direct mail needs.

—Kevin Wiskus., Your Square Deal, Centerville, IA

—Kevin Wiskus


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